E-waste Academy for Managers 2014: Call for Applications

Solving the E-waste Problem (StEP), in collaboration with the United Nations University (UNU), the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology (EMPA), the Basel Convention Regional Centre for Central America and Mexico (BCRC-CAM) and several other private and international organisations, is presently organising the 2014 StEP E-waste Academy Managers Edition (EWAM). This edition of the E-waste Academy will be held at the BCRC-CAM in El Salvador from March 31st to April 4th 2014.
The EWAM targets policymakers and government officials who are driving e-waste policymaking developments in their host countries as well as small and medium sized enterprises (SME), including collectors, refurbishers and recyclers, ensuring that there is a mixture of different countries, boundary conditions and experiences. EWAM focusses on the practical implementation of these science-based solutions, in particular in policy development and e-waste system design. Targeted at policymakers and government officials as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises (mostly recyclers, refurbishers and collectors), it provides a neutral platform stimulating fruitful discussion among policymakers and SME operators while also facilitating exchange of best practices and expert feedback.
The Call for Applications for the 2014 EWAM is now open. The policymaker/government official and SME application forms can be found on the StEP website at http://www.step-initiative.org/index.php/application-382.html. The deadline for all applications will be 15 October 2013.
For more information on the EWAM, please visit the Academy's official webpage - http://www.step-initiative.org/index.php/ewam.html. Interested persons can directly contact the EWAM Organising Team at ewam@unu.edu should they have any additional inquiries. For highlights from the 2012 EWAM Edition, you can have a look at the official YouTube video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taq9lTNDu4I.