Seminar & Workshop on the Status & Challenges for Hazardous Waste in Latin America and the Caribbean

The BCRC-Caribbean was invited to participate in a joint seminar and workshop entitled 'Status and challenges for hazardous waste in the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region' in the context of 'New raining resources in hazardous waste management'. This event was held at the ISALUD University in Buenos Aires, Argentina and constituted a component of a project currently being undertaken to update the existing Training Resource Pack on Hazardous Waste Management for Trainers and Communicators (TRP). As such, the event was jointly organised by the project partners: the UNEP International Environmental Technology Centre (UNEP/IETC), the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO). The Association for Wastes Studies in Argentina (ARS) also provided local support for this event.

The purpose of hosting the seminar and workshop was to establish and bring together a regional network of trainers and practitioners who can contribute expertise and inputs in updating and developing a new version of the TRP (referred to as the TRP+) for future use in Latin America and the Caribbean. Furthermore, the event sought to ensure that the future version of the tool will have a network of users through which it can be ensured that the TRP+ is disseminated within the LAC region.

The high-level seminar was held on the first day of the event and comprised of a number of expert presentations from featured speakers. These presentations allowed participants to explore the existing situation, problems and requirements for improved and effective management of hazardous waste management in the LAC region. Some of the presentations included:
  • Ms. Leila Devia, Basel Convention Regional Centre for Training and Technology Transfer for South America, Argentina – Global issues & initiatives for hazardous waste in a sustainable development context and Overview of regional hazardous waste generation and practices;
  • Mr. Jean Paul Leglise, ISWA – Introduction and overview of TRP+ and Proven technologies & processes being applied in hazardous waste management;
  • Mr. Sebastian Bigorito, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Argentina – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and waste management; and
  • Mr. Marcos Alegre, Centro de Ecoeficiencia y Responsabilidad Social (CER), Peru – Practicability and options for waste reduction in a hazardous waste strategy.

The workshop for the TRP review took place over the following two days and included both the invited regional particpants and local practitioners and researchers in hazardous waste management. The first day of the workshop comprised of two plenary presentations on the issues in the management of hazardous waste and on the transport and storage of chemical and other hazardous wastes. The latest version of the TRP+ was presented to the participants and they were invited to comment generally on the TRP+ in an open forum. The participants were then separated into four groups in order to reveiw and comment on the content of the TRP+ in further detail.

The review of the TPR+ continued into the second day of the workshop in addition to presentations made by the workshop participants on the work of their various institutions and their expectations for future use of the TRP+ by these organisations. The BCRC-Caribbean also presented on the implications and applications of the TRP+ on its own training programmes and approaches. Finally, a round table discussion was held to facilitate final discussions on the future of the work to update the TRP+ as well as final comments and conclusions. The solidification of the network as well as agreement to continue working on the TRP+ to the benefit of all and to use it in future hazardous waste training activities throughout the region were also achieved during this session.

For more information on the TRP+ training tool in hazardous waste management, please visit the official website at http://www.trp-training.info/ or contact Mr. Jean-Paul Leglise of ISWA at jp-leglise@orange.fr.