BCRC-Caribbean Participation at UNEP/IETC Multi-stakeholder Policy Dialogue on E-waste Management

The BCRC-Caribbean was invited to participate in a UNEP International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC)-organised multi-stakeholder policy dialogue entitled ‘Addressing E-waste Challenges and Opportunities through Public-Private Sector Cooperation’. The Dialogue was held from 18th to 20th July 2012 in Osaka, Japan and included stakeholders from Governments, the private sector, intergovernmental organisations, academia and other public interest groups.

The policy dialogue was designed to review current public-private sector cooperation on end-of-life e-products and e-waste in countries participating in the workshop. It also attempted to identify best practices and barriers to be overcome in order to enhance public-private sector cooperation to achieve optimal management of end-of-life e-products and e-waste in the future. As such, the meeting set out recommendation on possible steps for establishing public-private cooperation on the management of end-of- life e-goods and e-wastes, and on measures required to make such cooperation efficient and effective. At the meeting, the BCRC-Caribbean also presented its own position paper based on the views of e-waste recyclers in the Caribbean on what is required for improving and sustaining private sector investment into 'green' recycling operations. This was developed in light of Dr. Khan's participation in the third panel discussion on the topic of 'What do recyclers need from Governments?' during the Dialogue.

Based on the dialogue that took place, a final Call for Action to address the e-waste issue through private-public sector cooperation was developed. This document, entitled ‘The Future WEEE Need: A Call for Action’, expounded a vision for the ESM of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) and electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) to become an international example of private and public sector synergies to create sustainable and efficient use of resources. The Call also elaborated on the roles of the various entities involved in the management of EEE throughout their entire life cycle. It called for each stakeholder group to undertake their respective roles as outlined in the Call in a spirit of cooperation, including promotion of their respective actions.

All of the presentation materials, agenda and the final Call for Action (available in English, Spanish and French) arising out of the Dialogue can be found on the dedicated IETC webpage for the event.