Business Plan of the BCRC-Caribbean for 2012-2013

The BCRC-Caribbean has recently finalised and submitted its Business Plan for the biennium 2012-2013. The Plan was completed by the Centre's Director, Dr. Ahmad Khan, and submitted to the Secretariat of the Basel Convention on April 2nd 2012. The Business Plan provides direction for the Centre in its daily functions while enabling it to identify priority projects that would be implementable at a regional level.

The Centre has developed its Business Plan for this biennium in consultation with key stakeholders in the public, private and civil society sectors throughout the Caribbean in order to prioritize and subsequently address issues of major concern in the Caribbean. In general, the BCRC-Caribbean's Business Plan:
  • Is the management tool that now guides the operations of the Centre;
  • Defines the needs of the region in relation to projects and capacity building activities, in support of training and technology transfer on the environmentally sound management of hazardous and other wastes;
  • Provides the basis upon which the BCRC-Caribbean can assist in the implementation of the Strategic Framework for the implementation of the Basel Convention for 2012–2021 in conformity with decision BC-10/2 adopted at COP 10;
  • Allows the Centre to assist in moving forward the proposals included in the recommendations of the Indonesian-Swiss country-led initiative (CLI) to improve the effectiveness of the Basel Convention pursuant to decision BC-10/3;
  • Allows for the creation of synergies for the possible cooperation on the implementation of the joint activities contained in Annex I to decision BC-10/29 on enhancing cooperation and coordination among the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions; and
  • Contains updated information on the governance and administration arrangements of the Centre.
The BCRC-Caribbean’s Business Plan for 2012/2013 seeks to undertake training programmes, technology transfer projects and other capacity building activities that require more than $4.5 million US Dollars’ worth of funding over a period of three years. The various training programmes, projects, partnerships, and other activities as well as their budgetary requirements are further elaborated in the Business Plan which can now be downloaded here.

With the completion of the Business Plan, the BCRC-Caribbean is now well on its way to becoming an established regional body and has completed all of the tasks required to put the Centre on a sound footing to serve the needs of its member countries.