Official Welcome

Welcome to the official blog site of the Basel Convention Regional Centre for the Caribbean Region! The BCRC-Caribbean will use this site, bcrc-caribbean.blogspot.com, as a tool meant to aid in improving the management of hazardous and other wastes, throughout the Caribbean region.

The site will provide access to information on the activities of the Centre related to the training and technology transfer of environmentally sound management of hazardous and other wastes. The blog will also facilitate access to technical manuals and materials dedicated to these practices to the benefit of environmental managers and decision-makers, private sector organisations and other relevant stakeholders.

Through this blog, the BCRC-Caribbean aims to ameliorate the implementation of the obligations of the regional Parties to the Basel Convention in accordance with the new Strategic Framework for 2012-2021. Information posted on this blog will facilitate coordination of capacity-building efforts throughout the region while allowing enhanced sharing of information and results originating out of projects and collaborations locally and internationally. Furthermore, the blog will allow stakeholders of the Centre to provide feedback to the BCRC-Caribbean, allowing for measurement and improvement of our work in assisting the region in its implementation of the Convention.