BCRC-Caribbean 'Pardon the E-waste Interruption' at the 30th AGM of the Caribbean Network of Telecommunications Operators

The BCRC-Caribbean was invited to participate in the 30th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Caribbean Network of Telecommunications Operators (CANTO). The event was organised by the CANTO Secretariat in collaboration with the Caribbean’s largest telecommunications company, LIME (Landline, Internet, Mobile, Entertainment) and was held from 25th to 28th January, 2014 at the Half Moon Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

In light of its most recently established committee; the Working Committee for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and the identification of the issue of handset disposal as a key item for the CSR agenda among CANTO members, CANTO initiated contact with the BCRC-Caribbean to incorporate discussion of the e-waste issue at its 30th AGM. Subsequent to initial discussions throughout the last quarter of 2013, the BCRC-Caribbean was invited to hold an e-waste forum as part of the AGM’s proceedings.


BCRC-Caribbean Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 1

The BCRC-Caribbean is pleased to present the latest edition of its newsletter. This issue of the BCRC-Caribbean Newsletter focuses on the theme of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) or e-waste. 

Articles in this issue provide an introduction to the issues associated with the generation and management of e-waste and the importance of sound management of such equipment upon reaching the end of their useful lives. The newsletter also presents how the issue of WEEE has been addressed under the international environmental governance framework and the work being performed to addressed the human and environmental health problems  caused by this waste stream. In addition, reports on two activities of the BCRC-Caribbean on e-waste are included: the assessment of WEEE data and management in Trinidad and Tobago and the regional capacity-building workshop on the environmentally sound management of WEEE in the Caribbean. As usual, the newsletter presents some selected publications on e-waste management and gives indication of some of the upcoming events in the waste and chemicals cluster.

The BCRC-Caribbean Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 1 is now available for download. Please feel free to contact us should you have any queries or leave your comments here on the blog!


BCRC Caribbean & CANTO "Pardon the e-Waste Interruption" Forum - Partake in our Survey!

The Caribbean Network of Telecommunications Organisations (CANTO) and the Basel Convention Regional Centre for the Caribbean Region (BCRC-Caribbean) will be hosting an e-Waste Forum on Tuesday 28th January 2014 during CANTO's 30th Annual General Meeting to be hosted by LIME in Jamaica. The forum “Pardon the e-Waste Interruption!” will focus on the topic of creating an enabling environment for the sound management of e-Waste in the Caribbean Region, namely through the development of regional tack back systems for e-waste generated solely by the ICT sector and is affiliated markets.

To inform and support this forum, CANTO and the BCRC-Caribbean have developed and launched a pre-forum survey. We would appreciate the participation of all Caribbean ICT stakeholders in this survey. Furthermore, we encourage you to share this among your ICT colleagues and networks. This will engender an even greater understanding of the e-waste management situation within the ICT sector regionally to support informed decision-making on the actions necessary to address the situation.

Thank you in advance for partaking in this survey!



E-waste Academy for Managers 2014: Call for Applications

Solving the E-waste Problem (StEP), in collaboration with the United Nations University (UNU), the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology (EMPA), the Basel Convention Regional Centre for Central America and Mexico (BCRC-CAM) and several other private and international organisations, is presently organising the 2014 StEP E-waste Academy Managers Edition (EWAM). This edition of the E-waste Academy will be held at the BCRC-CAM in El Salvador from March 31st to April 4th 2014.
The EWAM targets policymakers and government officials who are driving e-waste policymaking developments in their host countries as well as small and medium sized enterprises (SME), including collectors, refurbishers and recyclers, ensuring that there is a mixture of different countries, boundary conditions and experiences. EWAM focusses on the practical implementation of these science-based solutions, in particular in policy development and e-waste system design. Targeted at policymakers and government officials as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises (mostly recyclers, refurbishers and collectors), it provides a neutral platform stimulating fruitful discussion among policymakers and SME operators while also facilitating exchange of best practices and expert feedback.
The Call for Applications for the 2014 EWAM is now open. The policymaker/government official and SME application forms can be found on the StEP website at http://www.step-initiative.org/index.php/application-382.html. The deadline for all applications will be 15 October 2013.
For more information on the EWAM, please visit the Academy's official webpage - http://www.step-initiative.org/index.php/ewam.html. Interested persons can directly contact the EWAM Organising Team at ewam@unu.edu should they have any additional inquiries. For highlights from the 2012 EWAM Edition, you can have a look at the official YouTube video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taq9lTNDu4I.


Workshop for Capacity Development in the Environmentally Sound Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment in the Caribbean

The BCRC-Caribbean, with support from the Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment (PACE) of the Basel Convention, the Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions (SBRSC) and TES-AMM Latin America, successfully hosted a regional workshop to develop capacity in the environmentally sound management of waste electrical and electronic equipment from July 09-11 2013. The three-day event was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Conference Centre in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

The workshop was organised in recognition of the wide-reaching issues associated with the management of used and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE/e-waste) being generated throughout the Caribbean. It also provided the forum through which Caribbean stakeholders were introduced to the work of PACE and the guidance documents produced by the Partnership in order to support the ESM of used and end-of-life (EoL) computing equipment globally. In light of this, the workshop sought to achieve the following objectives:

1. To develop a holistic understanding of WEEE management issues across the region and raise awareness of the issue and on the importance of the ESM of WEEE to sustainable development;

2. To provide expert training in the four PACE guidelines for the ESM of WEEE as well as their importance to Basel Convention implementation;

3. To strengthen cooperation and communication on environmentally sound e-waste management across the Caribbean sub-region; and

4. To build capacity in the region to manage e-wastes internally and/or at a sub-regional cluster level, thereby negating the current trend of waste brokerage with off-island disposal and consequently giving rise to new local entrepreneurial activity in recovery and recycling.

Key stakeholders from throughout the region who the BCRC-Caribbean identified as either involved in or have direct impact upon the management of WEEE were invited to participate in the workshop. This multi-stakeholder group of fifty-one (51) participants from thirteen (13) countries included representatives from:
  • National Focal Points to the Basel Convention,
  • Ministries and Agencies responsible for waste and/or environmental management, public health and information and communications technology (ICT),
  • Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) involved in WEEE management,
  • Private sector service providers in WEEE management,
  • Industry representatives in the ICT sector,
  • Regional and international organisations, and
  • Basel Convention Regional and Coordinating Centres (BCRCs & BCCCs).

Group photo of the participants in the BCRC-Caribbean PACE Workshop for Capacity Development in the ESM of WEEE in the Caribbean